All-Star Fund

The Pinky Swear Foundation uses the phrase “All-Star” to describe every child battling cancer they support.

Mitch withdrew money from his own savings account, placed it into envelopes and delivered it to kids on his pediatric oncology floor at the hospital. The envelope exemplifies Mitch’s generosity and is a key element of the Pinky Swear Foundation mission. 

Parents may plan for retirement, or for a child’s college education, but they don’t plan for cancer. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, parents often need to significantly reduce work hours or even leave a job to be with and care for a sick child. Even families with good insurance often find themselves on the brink of financial disaster. 

Pinky Swear Foundation is committed to easing the financial impact of cancer. Examples as to how the foundation may be able to provide financial support include:

  • Rent, mortgages, car payments and utility bills
  • Groceries, gas, childcare and more

Families can submit requests for assistance through their healthcare provider or on their own. Please complete the application online for the Pinky Swear Foundation All-Star Fund (previously known as Envelope Program), or contact your hospital or clinic social worker for assistance. All grant requests (envelopes) will be validated by a hospital social worker or healthcare provider, so please be sure to include their hospital email address. 

For questions or for more information about applying or supporting a family in need, please call (952) 974-9600 or contact us here.

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