About our Programs

Keeping the promise to help kids with cancer and their families.

The hardships inflicted on families because of childhood cancer are often not quantifiable. The financial burden of increased expenses, while income may be decreased - due to reduced work hours or even unpaid, extended leave -  can seem overwhelming. The stress reliever of a weekend of family fun is immeasurable. A sigh of relief knowing that the mortgage is paid for the month is another. Pinky Swear Foundation’s financial assistance and family experience programs provide help to these families in need.

Since 2003, Pinky Swear Foundation has supported families' quality-of-life with direct financial aid for basic needs, and through experiences that create emotional support, including:

  • Home rescue: Rent and mortgage payments, necessary home repairs

  • Reliable transportation: Car payments, insurance, repairs and gas cards

  • Groceries: Food on the table for kids and families

  • Payments for bills: Utilities, childcare, and other unique family needs

  • Memorable experiences through family getaways: Worry-free, quality time together out of the hospital

  • Ability to stay with their sick child and reduce expenses: Convenient, stocked food pantries in hospitals


Learn more about our programs:

Orange Envelope

When a child is newly diagnosed with cancer, a family's whole world is turned upside down. It can be hard to know where to turn first. Learn more

Envelope Program

Providing financial assistance for basic needs to ensure home preservation, reliable transportation, and food for the family. Learn more

Pinky Swear Pantry

A food pantry located in the family lounge on the patient floor makes it easy for families to stay with their sick child, and eases the financial burden of buying food during in-patient hospital stays. Learn more

All-Star Weekends

Weekend getaways that provide a fun and worry-free break for the entire family. It's an opportunity to be together in a stress-free scenario, building memories and having fun. Learn more