Playing for Pinky Swear

Playing for Pinky Swear provides an opportunity for athletic teams to adopt a child battling pediatric cancer, and to play and fundraise in honor of their All-Star throughout their season. Student athletes get to know their All-Star family and engage with them personally, while funds raised benefit kids with cancer and their families and future Pinky Swear applicants.

All-Star Interactions

In addition to raising money for the Pinky Swear Foundation in the spirit of their All-Star, teams are encouraged to connect with him or her on a personal level. Some of examples of this are writing letters and cards, sending birthday and holiday presents, or inviting an All-Star to attend practices or games. It is important to remember that Pinky Swear All-Stars are in the midst of fighting for their lives, so we cannot guarantee their attendance at any event. Additionally, each family will have a different preferred method of communication. Pinky Swear Foundation will equip the team with the information regarding how best to be in touch with their All-Star.


Pinky Swear Foundation will set up a fundraising page for each team. Throughout the season, team members will work together to raise money for Pinky Swear Foundation in honor of their All-Star. At the end of the season, the top fundraising team will win a party for themselves and their All-Star.


Pinky Swear will provide each player with an All-Star tag to attach to his/her bag for the season. Players will also receive additional copies of the All-Star cards to use for fundraising and awareness activities. Pinky Swear Foundation will work with coaches to determine what additional materials will be beneficial to the program (i.e. banners for the dugouts and practice facilities).


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