KLN Family Brands

It’s often a long and winding road to build a partnership between a company and an organization. This road takes Pinky Swear to Perham, a small, yet vibrant community, located in the heart of Minnesota’s lake country that is home to KLN Family Brands.

KLN Family Brands was introduced to Pinky Swear Foundation in the spring of 2015. At the first meeting between the two organizations, Pinky Swear Executive Director Brian Nelson was sharing stories about patient families that Pinky Swear has helped in the area. He talked about a pair of twins from Deer Creek who were diagnosed at three days old that Pinky Swear helped pay mortgages for a couple of months for the family. Then he talked about a nine-year-old girl from Perham that Pinky Swear helped the family with transportation to proton radiation therapy and a mortgage payment.

KLN Family Brands CEO Charlie Nelson spoke up and said, “That’s OUR Paige!” 

It turns out that Paige’s mom Chasity works at KLN Family Brands right down the hall from the meeting room. Charlie immediately went to let Chasity know that the executive director from Pinky Swear was in the building. Charlie said that when he saw the smile on Chasity’s face when he told her this, the partnership was set. Chasity came into the meeting and gave Brian a hug of thanks and gratitude. She shared her story with the folks in the room and that the family has been involved in a couple of Pinky Swear Kids Triathlons and loves the organization!

The partnership includes Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Liquorice at the cornerstone. Proceeds from the sale of the liquorice on a national level will be donated to Pinky Swear. In addition, Pinky Swear has connected its partner Love Your Melon to KLN Family Brands to include distribution of the liquorice to nearly 15,000 college students involved with Love Your Melon across the country.

Another KLN brand, NutriSource, is also supporting Pinky Swear. For every 33 pound bag of NutriSource Ultra Premium dog food sold, $1 will be donated to Pinky Swear. In addition, Pinky Swear has a patient family that it has support a service dog for the child with cancer. NutriSource is providing food for the dog for life!

On September 10, 2016, at Perk’s Pinky Swear MessFest event, KLN Family Brands CEO, Charlie Nelson, announced on KARE11 television’s coverage of the event that KLN is committing $1 million to Pinky Swear over the next five years. The new partnership was sealed with an official liquorice cutting.

Charlie Nelson, CEO of KLN Family Brands, commemorated the $1M commitment to Pinky Swear at Perk's Pinky Swear MessFest on September 10, 2016.

The intersections on this partnership road have been amazing with Pinky Swear moments throughout. Pinky Swear is thrilled to have KLN Family Brands, Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Liquorice, and NutriSource as part of the Pinky Swear family as we help kids with cancer and their families across the country.


KLN Family Brands Supports Families When They Need It Most