When a child gets cancer, life gets messy...

Parents have to put their families’ lives on hold and live day to day, while the world continues to move. Pinky Swear Foundation supports these families by paying for essential needs including housing, transportation, and groceries. We, at Pinky Swear, were thrilled when our supporters launched the #CancerIsMessy challenge as a way of bringing awareness to this cause. You can help to by accepting the #CancerIsMessy challenge. By accepting this challenge, you are helping to provide immediate support for kids with cancer and their families.

Get messy for kids with cancer in three easy steps:

  1. Create your fundraiser page here 
  2. Create your #CancerIsMessy video with anything you can find: paint, flour, mud, glitter, etc. Get creative! Let your followers know that you are getting messy for kids with cancer and why this cause is important to you.
  3. Make a post to your preferred social media platform and include the link to your fundraiser in the post. Challenge and tag 3 people to do the challenge. Include #CancerIsMessy in the post and tag Pinky Swear Foundation.

Check out a couple of fun examples of how others are getting messy here and here!

For more information, contact Chloe Czaplewski, Digital Fundraising Manager, at chloe.czaplewski@pinkyswear.org.


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All-Star Myah’s "Messy" Story

Myah’s messy cancer journey started when she was only one year old. What was originally thought to be a swollen lymph node turned out to be a tumor which luckily was removed without spreading to the rest of her tiny body. After six months of harsh chemo, hospital stays, and radiation, Myah was cancer free.

Then it got messier.

Only two months after Myah’s fight, her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He passed away two years later leaving Myah’s mom to raise her and her newborn brother.

How could it get messier?

Ten years after her first cancer battle, Myah was diagnosed with a new form of cancer. She is currently eight months into this fight and in the midst of IV chemotherapy, oral chemotherapy pills, MRI’s, and surgeries.

The messiness doesn’t end here.

Genetic testing showed that Myah and her brother both have a hereditary disorder that greatly increases their risk of cancer – especially as children and young adults. There is no cure at the moment meaning Myah’s messy cancer journey could be a life-long one.

By participating in #CancerIsMessy, you will be helping families like Myah's focus on the health of their child - thank you.