All Star: Cal

Playing outside, biking, and playing with his dog.
“We want families to laugh and love; we want families to still find hope and reasons to celebrate, even in stressful times. This was Mitch’s promise with his parents. This was our promise to Cal."
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All-Star: Cal

When three-year-old Cal Reinhardt started receiving cancer treatment, family and friends gave him the nickname “Super Cal” in light of the superheroes he loved and the bravery he showed.

“Cal loved cars, trains, and airplanes. He loved playing outside, biking, and his dog. He had an unforgettable laugh  the kind that made you look up from what you are doing to see his face. He was happy, easy, lovable, and adorable nearly every day of his five years.”  Cal’s mom, Lucy

Cal’s mom says that there is nothing more that Cal would have wanted as part of his legacy than to help promote, support, and give hope to a loving family. Cal’s family is now devoted to furthering Pinky Swear’s mission of helping families to physically be with their child and for their financial anxieties to be lessened.

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