All-Star Kids

Kids with cancer demonstrate courage, patience, and resilience every day.

We call them All-Stars! Pinky Swear Foundation is committed to helping All-Stars and their families as they bravely battle cancer, by helping ease the financial and emotional impact during a very challenging time.



With Mom working two jobs, Dad stationed in another city for the military, and two sisters at home, four-year-old Breslyn's life was...


Two-year-old Ellarae loved going to her babysitter’s while mommy and daddy were at work. Her sitter noticed "Ella" was having issues...


Emily and Joseph were high school instructors teaching at a private, international English school in Saudi Arabia.


Kaiden was adopted by his biological mother’s foster parent, Deanna, who was a nurse. He was born fighting, with less than 1% chance to...


Abriella is the youngest of six children in her family, and a healthy baby who had only been to the doctor twice outside of her regular...


Ben was a typical 3-year-old, going to preschool and trying to keep up with his big sister, Claire. His parents, Nina and Joe, were...


Kevon was a sophomore in high school. He was an honor roll student and hadn't missed a day of school in over two years.


Kinzie’s family of four was one that always worked and learned together, and had lots of fun.


Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, little Zoey was advanced for her age. She was very motivated to have an adventure, was eager to...


Twelve-year-old Ally’s family was one that was always on the go. She was very active in softball and Taekwondo, having achieved her 2nd...


Sweet and spunky Annara is the youngest of four kids from an average family, with a home in Northwood, Iowa, where they home schooled...


Drew has always been such a happy boy. And as soon as he could walk, he was always on the go.


Andre was diagnosed with Wilms' Tumor - a malignant tumor of the kidney - at the age of 10. Andre's mom had just quit her full-time job...


With a two-year-old son and arrival of a new baby girl, Taylor, family life was normal, but busy.


Allison and Mike felt fortunate to have four beautiful, healthy children: Tessa (8), Ainsley (7), Devin (4) and Brielle (2).


When eighth-grader Jackson Fisher woke up the day before his birthday in March 2015, he thought it was just another Monday. But he felt ...