Youth Leadership Council

Charles M. Harper Youth Leadership Council

A group of young leaders who are the premier peer-to-peer ambassadors of the Pinky Swear mission.

The Pinky Swear Foundation Charles M. Harper Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a group of ambitious and engaged youth striving to be KEEPERS of the Pinky Swear to help kids with cancer and their families with emotional and financial support. This active, social group of young people helps build awareness with their peers, increase fundraising in their region, and spread a national movement by serving as:

  • Ambassadors of and for the Pinky Swear mission and story
  • Advisors providing recruiting, leading and mentoring for young athletes and fundraisers
  • Entrepreneurs identifying new opportunities for youth to be involved with Pinky Swear
  • Changemakers developing the next generation of the Youth Leadership Council

Youth Leadership Council Toolkit

Why Join the Youth Leadership Council

  • Learn from leaders in your community including business executives, athletes, and other distinguished influencers
  • Grow your skills through setting goals, fundraising, public speaking, and being an example to your friends and family

Get Involved

Apply by completing the PDF application below, and returning to Pinky Swear Foundation's Youth Leadership Manager, Joe Zander, at

Other Youth Involvement Opportunities