7 Steps to Fundraising Success + Ideas

Pinky Swear fundraisers are a vital component in telling our story, and helping kids with cancer and their families. Get started on your fundraising today with these seven steps.

  1. Set Your Goal
    If you are fundraising for the first time, we recommend starting at $250.

  2. Log In To Your Fundraising Page
    Use the log in information from when you registered and customize your page with your goal and the reason that you want to help kids with cancer and their families.

  3. Make a List of People that Can Help
    Who do you know that might want to help kids with cancer and their families and help you reach your goal? You can send them emails from your fundraising page.

  4. Identify Ways to Make Your Goal
    We have many fundraising ideas available below. Here are some popular things that other kid fundraisers have done:

    Set Up a Stand
    You can sell popsicles, kool-aid, cookies or lemonade. Don’t put a set price on your drink or snack — tell the pinky swear story, and ask people what they think your drink or snack is worth once they know what a great cause the money is going toward.

    Hold a Movie or Karaoke Night
    Invite neighbors, friends, and family for pizza or a barbecue. Show an outdoor movie with a suggested donation per ticket, or sing karaoke with a suggested donation per song.

  5. Tell Everyone the Pinky Swear story
    Practice telling the Pinky Swear story and share it along with your All-Star Card, childhood cancer facts and how Pinky Swear helps families. Ask if they would like to contribute toward  your goal.

  6. Track the Progress To Your Goal
    Hang a poster on your bedroom wall or fridge that tracks the progress to your fundraising goal.

  7. Thank the People that Support You
    Thank everyone who contributes to your fundraising success and update them on your progress along the way. A handwritten note sent in the mail really shows your appreciation.

Pinky Swear Fundraising Ideas

  1. SWIM.BIKE.RIDE. Ask donors to donate at tiered levels that will work for them after you tell them the Pinky Swear Story. Example:
    • ​SWIM LEVEL: $50
    • SWIM & BIKE LEVEL: $100
    • SWIM. BIKE. RIDE: $150
    • OTHER: ______________
  2. Lemonade Stand: Do a lemonade stand in your neighborhood or in a high-traffic area. Don’t set a price on the glass of lemonade. Tell the “Pinky Swear Story” and ask the customer how much the glass of lemonade is worth.
  3. Silent Auctions: Collect items from local businesses like gift cards, experiences, tickets, golf course rounds, massages, hotels and other like items. Create silent auction sheets with item name and description, item $$ Value, a blank space for bidder name and starting bid. Make sure to follow up with a Thank You note to each winning bidder.
  4. Neighborhood Door-To-Door Parents please accompany your kids during this Fundraising activity. Kids, tell the Pinky Swear Story and hand the person a donation form that they can drop off with you after it is all filled out.
  5. Social Media Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to your advantage in your fundraising efforts. Parents please monitor this. Check out these examples:
    1. ​Ask people to LIKE a post/picture/video. If it reaches the goal you set forth, then ‘X’ local business that you help promote will donate ‘X’ dollars to my fundraising efforts.
    2. Ask people to retweet a message on Twitter. Get local media personalities involved to help others gain access to your fundraising page.
    3. Take a picture holding a sign telling everyone what your fundraising goal is and who the money will help.
    4. Challenge your friends with a video or picture to help your fundraising efforts or participate themselves. Engage them first with the Pinky Swear Story and a hashtag.
  6. Blog Start a blog telling everyone your story and why you are raising money for the Pinky Swear Foundation. If you engage with any of these fundraising ideas or other fundraising ideas that you create on your own, tell everyone about them. The more people that know about your efforts and your goal, the more people you will get to help you out. Share your blogs on social media to friends, family and local media personalities.
  7. School Newsletters and Newspapers Talk to the editor of your school newsletter or newspaper. Ask them to feature the Pinky Swear Story or fundraising goal in the next issue.
  8. Email Parents please assist and monitor this. Use this example email to help meet your fundraising goal by reaching out to ALL of your family members, friends, teammates, choir or band mates, teachers, co-workers, community leaders or business owners.
  9. Media Include the media in your fundraising efforts. Check out local media websites for contact information. Post on their social media pages or contact local media hosts and personalities with the Pinky Swear Story.
  10. Garage Sale Hold a neighborhood garage sale with all proceeds going to your fundraising goal. Get neighbors and family to donate items to help make your garage sale the biggest garage sale of the year. Get the word out on social media, newspaper and TV.
  11. Bake Sale Kids! If you are experienced in the kitchen or love to bake, how about organizing a bake sale in your school or at a local community event? Bag up cookies, bars and other great tasty items. Package them in sandwich bags. Again, don’t set a price on each bag. Tell the “Pinky Swear Story” and ask them how much a bag is worth to them.
  12. Art and Craft Sale Do you love drawing, painting, or crafting? Produce your great works of art and hold an Art and Craft Sale. Setup in your school, community center, local art museum, local coffee shop, or salon and sell your art. Don’t set a price, tell the Pinky Swear Story and see how much each artwork piece is worth to your customer.
  13. Dining for Dollars Approach your favorite restaurant to host a Pinky Swear Day, where they donate a portion of the proceeds for the day or from a certain item to your fundraising for Pinky Swear.
  14. Backyard Barbeque Ask a local meat market or grocery store to donate items for a backyard barbeque fundraiser. Charge admission to your backyard event with all proceeds going to help meet your fundraising goals.
  15. Percentage of Sales Days/Nights Contact a local business to setup a night where a percentage of the sales from that night or day will go to your fundraising goals. Many businesses already have these “Give Back” programs in place to help you. All you need to do is ASK. Think Ice Cream Shops, Family restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
  16. Car Wash Ask a local bank, fast food restaurant, or strip mall to do a car wash in their parking lot. Pick a good weather day and get your friends and family to help out by bringing the supplies with them. Create signs and stand on the corner ushering dirty cars into your car wash. Don’t set a price, tell the “Pinky Swear Story” and have them pay what they think the wash is worth to them. TIP: Do a car wash where they have been done before. They may be able to assist you more in your efforts. They may even match your efforts. All you have to do is ask.
  17. Buttons or Pins Create and sell a button or pin for your All-Star. Example: I Heart My All-Star. Include PSF logo. Ask a local art or party store to help you with this project.
  18. Dodge Ball Is Dodge Ball your favorite activity in Gym Class? Make it a fundraising activity after school or on the weekend. Contact your teacher or school principal to organize a Dodge Ball fundraiser. Every participant pays $10 to play. Make it fun! Create a theme or make everyone wear crazy costumes to participate. All proceeds would go to helping you meet your fundraising goals.
  19. School PTA’s Ask your school PTA director if you can tell your story in front of a PTA Meeting. Print out pledge sheets to pass out to the meeting attendees to get some donations to help you meet your goal!
  20. Banned Word Jar Create a banned word jar in your house. If someone in your house says the banned word of the week, they have to donate $$ into the jar. This is a simple and easy way to help you reach your fundraising goal. TIP: Your family members can pay more to remove a word from the banned word list to help you generate more!
  21. Touch–a–Truck Contact your local fire department or trucking company. Hold an event where adults and kids of all ages can come to check out the big trucks for a donation.
  22. Garden Do you like to garden with your mom or dad? Create a garden where each brick around the garden is sponsored by a family member, friend or local business with a donation. Tell the “Pinky Swear Story” and have them give you a donation for each brick. Write their name with chalk or inscribe each brick. Grow the brick border bigger and better every year.
  23. Reading Marathon Read books for 24 hours straight! Document your experience on social media and have fun! Get family and friends to donate $20 for every book you can read in 24 hour hours. All proceeds you receive will go to helping you meet your fundraising goal.
  24. Video Game/Board Game/Puzzle Marathon Maybe it’s a rainy day. Plan to do something inside to help you meet your goals. Play video games, board games or puzzles for 24 hours straight! Get your family and friends to donate $1, $5, $10 or $20 for every hour you participate in this activity. Go for it!
  25. Movie Marathon Pick a bad weather day and have a movie marathon with friends and family. Ask donors to donate $1, $5, $10, or $20 for every hour you watch movies. Try to make it for 24 hours! Or host an indoor or outdoor movie night or karaoke party and collect donations for the entry fee or song requests.
  26. Bowl-A-Thon Many local bowling alleys host Bowling events to raise money for charity. Check with your local Bowling Ally to see if you could do a Bowl A Thon. Charge admission with proceeds going to help meet your fundraising goal. 
  27. Local Sports Teams Many local sports teams have programs where they give back by selling programs before games. A portion of the proceeds from every program goes to your fundraising goal. Contact your local professional sports team community department with the Pinky Swear Story and your fundraising goals. All you have to do is ask.
  28. Brainstorm Is there a special skill, talent, or interest that you have that could help you fundraise? If you do, create a fundraising activity around it. For example, are you good at juggling? You could have donors donate $20 for every hour that you participate in the activity. Invite your friends and family to help spread the word of what you plan to do and make it happen!