5 Steps to Support Your Kid's Fundraising Success

Your childr(ren) can really help to make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer and their families, while learning the value of philanthropy or the satisfaction of making a difference in your community.

By fundraising for Pinky Swear, kids also grow their leadership and money management skills. Follow these five tips to show your support of your kid's efforts and ensure their success:

  1. Be the first to donate to your child’s fundraising page!
  2. Share with your child why you believe giving back to the community is important and discuss with him or her why they believe giving back to the community is important.
  3. Help your child determine a fundraising goal, brainstorm ideas, and monitor their progress.
  4. Help your child share their fundraising page with family, friends, neighbors, and parents’ coworkers.
  5. Find out if your place of work has a matching gift program.