Our Mission: Helping kids with cancer and their families with financial and emotional support.

Pinky Swear Foundation helps children with cancer and their families by providing basic needs support and unique family programs.


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Our Programs

The hardships inflicted on families because of childhood cancer are often not quantifiable. The...

All-Star Weekends provide a break for a family to be together, take a hiatus from the hospital...

The Pinky Swear Foundation uses the word “envelope” in memory of Mitch. Mitch withdrew money...

It is hard to leave your child’s side when they’re hospitalized. Having an ill child in the...

Featured All-Star Kids

Kids with cancer demonstrate courage, patience and resilience every day. We call them All-Stars.


Prior to being diagnosed with cancer, little Zoey was advanced for her age. She was very motivated to have adventure, was eager to please, and expressive - usually a goofy and happy toddler.


Twelve-year-old Ally’s family was one that was always on the go. She was very active in softball and Taekwondo, having achieved her 2nd Degree Black Belt Decided in February 2016.


Sweet and spunky Annara is the youngest of four kids from an average family, with a home in Northwood, Iowa, where they home schooled their kids on one income. She has two older brothers, Sam (6)...


Drew has always been such a happy boy. And as soon as he could walk, he was always on the go. Playing, climbing running – he is "all boy".  But in the Fall and Winter of 2015 he started to slow...

Get Involved with Pinky Swear


There are many ways to donate to Pinky Swear Foundation and support the families and children we help. 


Pinky Swear Foundation hosts several events throughout the year that require the brain power and sweat equity of many volunteers. We want you!


Pinky Swear fundraisers are a vital component in keeping Mitch's legacy alive, telling our story, and helping kids with cancer and their families. 

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