Our Mission: Helping kids with cancer and their families with financial and emotional support.

Pinky Swear Foundation helps children with cancer and their families by providing basic needs support and unique family programs.


families supported since 2003


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Our Programs

All-Star Weekends provide a break for a family to be together, take a hiatus from the hospital...

The Pinky Swear Foundation uses the word “envelope” in memory of Mitch. Mitch withdrew money...

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, your family's whole world is turned upside down.

It is hard to leave your child’s side when they’re hospitalized. Having an ill child in the...

Featured All-Star Kids

Kids with cancer demonstrate courage, patience and resilience every day. We call them All-Stars.


When All-Star Daniel’s family relocated from Michigan to North Carolina in 2016, the normally reserved boy wasted no time making new friends. He stayed busy with baseball, basketball, and flag...


Prior to being diagnosed with Leukemia, life was not always easy for Noah's family - with single mother, Tracy, working extra hours to make ends meet. Noah's family was in the middle of...


With Mom working two jobs, Dad stationed in another city for the military, and two sisters at home, four-year-old Breslyn's life was very active.


Two-year-old Ellarae loved going to her babysitter’s while mommy and daddy were at work. Her sitter noticed "Ella" was having issues with her eyes in May 2015, and her vision declined rapidly from...

Get Involved with Pinky Swear


There are many ways to donate to Pinky Swear Foundation and support the families and children we help. 


Pinky Swear Foundation hosts several events throughout the year that require the brain power and sweat equity of many volunteers. We want you!


Pinky Swear fundraisers are a vital component in keeping Mitch's legacy alive, telling our story, and helping kids with cancer and their families. 

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